Kittens In Space

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Aliens are abducting Earth’s most purrscious resource – kittens

Sneak aboard their spaceship, find your cat, and get to the escape pod. Can you save your feline friend from becoming an alien appetizer??

  • Although a whimsical theme, this game is not intended for small children. We recommend 12yrs+ for all games – visit our FAQ page for more info.

Team size: 3-7 Players.

Recommended for 4-6 players, 12yrs+.

$30 per player (+HST).

All Time Leaderboard

1st. Reflux and Chill – 35:01

2nd. Houdini’s Hoodlums – 38:53

3rd. Team Steven – 38:53

4th. Fortune 501 – 39:51

5th. Deja – 40:44

6th. The Revengers – 41:34

7th. KITTENSEET – 42:10

8th. Goat Noises- 43:26

9th. Laura’s Galore – 43:49

10th. Team Xuni – 45:19











Additional Game Information

  • At least one player may briefly crawl and/or be required to climb one step.
    • Wheelchair accessible for the rest of the team.
  • Very visual and tactile – no reading required.
  • Players with colour blindness will find some puzzles challenging.