A Brief Mystery of Time

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You are touring the old estate of a once famous inventor known for experimenting with time travel….but who suddenly vanished.

Perhaps the mystery of his disappearance can be solved using the artifacts and clues he left behind.

Can you rescue him before he is lost ‘out of time’ forever!?

Team size: 3-7 players

Recommended for: 4-6 players, 12yrs+

$30 per player (+HST).

All Time Leaderboard

1st. We Beat You Haha – 31:53

2nd. Sack o’ Potatoes – 33:57

3rd. We beat you, but lost to them!  – 35:00

4th. Team Discovery Channel  – 35:07

5th. 7 Deadly Sins – 35:25

6th. BatQ  – 35:31

7th. Well Structured  – 35:48

8th. The Peele Islanders  – 36:08

9th. Fantastic Four – 37:07

10th. Better Than Andrew Zhang?  – 37:09



Additional Game Information

  • Requires going up and down one step