What is an Escape Room?

Each room is a cooperative team game where players solve a series of puzzles that are built into an immersive environment. As players progress through puzzles they work to complete a story, exploring new environments and items, with many objectives along the way.

Can I change my team size after booking?

Yes! You can adjust the number of players on your team when you arrive, and you will only be charged for that number. You just need to stay above the minimum of 3 players, and below the maximum for your game (7 for "A Brief Mystery of Time" or 8 for "Volcano's Ruin").

Is it scary? Are you really trapped?

No! Our games are fun. It's supposed to be exciting, but it's not a haunted house. You can leave the room at any time.

I'm not good at puzzles, should I play?

Definitely. Escape rooms are team games that require many skills. Observation, logic, organization, communication, lateral thinking and much more. There are many ways to contribute in a game!

What if we get stuck? Do you give hints?

Your team can ask for as many hints as you need. Teams that complete the game with 3 hints or less qualify for our Elite Escape Leaderboard.

How long is a game?

Our games have a 60 minute time limit. Escape as fast as you can to get on our Leaderboard! Players should arrive at least 10 minutes early and may go through a de-brief or get some photos taken after, so give yourself 90 minutes for the complete experience.

Can kids play?

Players under 14 need a teammate over 18. Our games are aimed at adult players, but young puzzlers are welcome.

Will I be playing with random people?

Not unless you bring them. Our games are all private groups, requiring a minimum of 3 players to reserve.

What happens if we don't escape?

After 60 minutes we will see how far your team made it. If you are less than halfway through the room you will qualify for a discounted rate to play again. Over halfway and we will offer to show you what you narrowly missed solving.

Can I play without a reservation?

Yes, you can come and play a game during our walk in hours. However, rooms tend to be booked online in advance and we highly recommend booking ahead to guarantee a spot and play when you want.

Where do I park?

Near the corner of Wellington and Dundas St., we are surrounded by parking lots and street parking. Street metered parking from Ridout to Wellington and York to Queens is FREE after 6pm on Monday to Friday. On-street metered parking is FREE for 2 hours on Saturdays and all day on Sundays!

Click here for maps of nearby parking.

What is the Dundas Place Flex Street?

We are located within the section of Dundas Street that is becoming Dundas Place! When complete, the street will host a variety of events and activities. Check out www.dundasplace.ca for more details.

While under construction you can still access stores on our block.

What should I wear?

Clothing you are comfortable exploring in! Our games do not require intense physical exertion, but you may walk up steps and some players on a team may briefly crawl.

Can you host my birthday party/work party/large event?

Please get in touch with us at info@trapdoorlondon.ca with details about your event and we will do our best to meet your needs. Group rates are available for bookings with 18 players or more.

Do you have more rooms?

Coming very soon! Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Are you licensed?

We have G licenses. For alcohol we highly recommend one of the many bars in the area after your game.