What kind of escape room player are you?

One of the most fun things about hosting escape room games is that we get to meet so many new people! Every team that comes through our doors has their own ideas and a unique approach to their game; no two groups are ever the same. 


That being said, we do notice that there are 8  player ‘types’ that frequently visit. Do you relate to any of these? 

The Leader

  • This is often the person that made the reservation and is usually the first to arrive onsite.
  • The Leader has a very important role in a larger group – especially if there are lots of voices and ideas happening at once. The Leader helps to organize and focus the team. 
  • The Leader might decide when it’s time for a hint (though might resist actually asking!).

The Scavenger

  • The Scavenger is a very active player! As soon as they enter the game they begin moving around observing details or collecting items.
  • This teammate is great at the ‘seek & find’ aspect of an escape room. They notice those features that might be unusual or stand out from the rest. 
  • The Scavenger talks out loud and shares what they are finding. 

The Big Picture Thinker

  • The Big Picture Thinker is the player that takes a step back and can make connections or understand how puzzles work together. 
  • Other teammates often seek out The Big Picture Thinker when they need a fresh set of eyes on a clue they are working on.
  • The Big Picture Thinker and The Scavenger work well together. 

The Puzzler

  • This is a player that loves classic escape game elements: word games, riddles and logic puzzles.
  • At home, this player likely enjoys crosswords or boardgames. 
  • The Puzzler is happy to work independently on a clue for a while.

The Builder

  • In contrast to The Puzzler, The Builder will focus on the more physical aspects of the game. 
  • The Builder is great at assembling items and spatial reasoning.
  • This teammate is usually the first to pick up a prop, move something around or manipulate objects.

The Silent Solver

  • This player tends to move around the game quietly; often solving clues but not always sharing these solutions right away. 
  • The Silent Solver sometimes second guesses themselves or could be a new escape room player that isn’t as confident as other teammates. 
  • The Silent Solver’s voice can be overshadowed by others – which is unfortunate since they often have the right answer!

The Actor

  • This teammate has read about the game theme prior to arriving and is interested in how the story will unfold.
  • The Actor wants to be immersed in the setting and sometimes even dresses up in character (we love when this happens!).
  • The Actor likes to approach clues from the perspective of characters in the game’s storyline and appreciates when puzzles align with the plot. 

The Cheerleader

  • This player is enthusiastic, open minded and supportive of other teammates. 
  • The Cheerleader might not complete the most puzzles by themselves but they are always having fun and they bring positive energy to the team. 
  • A little less competitive than some others, The Cheerleader may be the first in the group to reach out for a hint.


Not every escape room team has – or needs – all these types of players. And of course, most people are a combination of types. Which one(s) are you? Do you have others to suggest – let us know!