Effective Jan 14, 2023: WE ARE CLOSED. 

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Immersive real-life escape games

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3-8 Players

Volcano's Ruin

You have been hired to help with an excavation deep in the jungle of an old temple ruin. The archaeologist you’re working for believes it holds a legendary jewel she’s sought all her career. But after she leaves base camp for supplies you see a nearby volcano has erupted. Can you locate the ruin and save the jewel?


3-7 Players

A Brief Mystery of Time

You are touring the old estate of a once famous inventor known for experimenting with time travel….but who suddenly vanished. Perhaps the mystery of his disappearance can be solved using the artifacts and clues he left behind. Can you rescue him before he is lost ‘out of time’ forever!?


3-6 Players

Kittens In Space

Aliens are abducting Earth’s most purrscious resource – kittens!

Sneak aboard their spaceship, find your cat, and get to the escape pod. Can you save your feline friend from becoming an alien appetizer??


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What people are saying about us

Puzzles were challenging, logical, and fair, with lots of nifty gizmos and plenty of things for the group to solve in parallel. Atmosphere and decoration were absolutely outstanding.

Jason A. - Google Review

Amazing escape rooms! Unique puzzles, very immersive experience, lots of technology, and great story lines. We had so much fun! Definitely would be back!

Kristina K. - Google Review

We had so much fun. Very well planned puzzles and very challenging. Excellent decoration and immersion into the game. So clean, and staff was so friendly and pleasant. Will definitely be going again!

Jeff G. - Google Review